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Boys & Girls Club Stake and Burger Banquet was a Success

By Floyd Miller



Mr. Ben Warren, keynote speaker for Boys and Girls Club of Abilene, is truly on a mission of sorts. He left San Diego skateboarding, and he intends to end up in Savannah, Georgia. That is 2,800 miles, a mission within it self, but the greater mission for Ben is to promote Boys and Girls Club everywhere he goes. Ben is an alumnus of the Tacoma, Washington Boys and Girls Club. {{more}}He said that about three years ago several young men with baseball bats and a tire tool approached him while he was skateboarding. Their intention was to do him harm. He said after talking with them they said things like they were worthless and they would probably die in a gang. Warren said after this encounter he was so frustrated that he skateboarded about 12 miles just thinking about what had happened. He realized that a lot of social capital was going to waste. These young men’s lives were going to waste, and he wondered if they had ever heard about the boys and girls club. He introduced them later to the boys and girls club. He said that in this society of two parents working, the hours of 2:00 to 6:00 can be a very dangerous time for young people because they’re normally at home by themselves. He said that the boys and girls club is a great alternative. It was helpful to him as a teenager and that’s really why he’s on this mission that covers 2,800 miles. The youth of the year award went to Taylor Hamel who is a member of the Highland club. Taylor had a very interesting story about her life’s journey, and how she came to Abilene. Her story was one of persistence, discpline, and also over coming odds and hardships. Taylor will be graduating from high school this month and she plans to major in Social Work.Major sponsors for this event were OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE, MCM Elegante’ Suites and Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union

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