By Frances Gonzalez - Hardin Simmons Alumna | July 1, 2011

How can some people live with themselves when they are ignorant to the fact of the wrongs they have committed to others? It is sad that because of the riches of the world these people are so caught up in themselves and use whatever and whoever they can just to gain, even if it means to drastically hurt others or even innocent children who did not come into this world to have to pay the price because of these “high almighty and self-righteous” who have the nerve to call themselves human. Yes, we all have choices in this world. The better choice is to be kind and not destroy other’s lives. Live a life with morals and respect for others and their property, including what God has blessed them with. I am talking about the blessing of children, and the children that God himself bore through a mother’s womb; the child that was blessed with a life to live at the fullest with his biological parents. Robbing children from their parents has gone too far. Where will it ever end? These people who were problem children raised either out of royalty with material things, and jealousy with envy that learned to hate instead of have a loving relationship with their parents. There was no counseling, no preachers, no one who could step in the gap, and direct them to do right.{{more}} Abused by their own unresolved inconsistencies in their past and having grown up to the hateful destructive human form of “I want power” and “I won’t stop till I get it” sort of attitude. Encountering these people is somewhat scary. Hate cannot take you to heaven. Even though you think there is no one watching, that is not true. There is a judgment day, and God has his eyes wide open. We all have a past, and it is time to face reality. Excuses are made by people who were more in denial of their share of the unsolved situations with their relationships. Confessing and admitting to yourselves can be a start. Then accepting a “higher power” than our own will is the best way to go. Time is short, and those who make unwise choices can be in a questionable shock of their life. Are you ready to give up the hate, lies and all the things that are bad of this world? Jesus is the Way and the Answer. We are all his children, and the time is very near for the judgment day.