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Be More Efficient In The Kitchen

By Statepoint



Whether you’re making big meals for entertaining or simple family dinners, how well your kitchen is set up can mean the difference between extra hours slaving away or time enjoying the fruits of your labor. A few simple tips can transform a cluttered kitchen into an efficient space for cooking and entertaining. Plus, you can save money, time, energy and water in the process. {{more}}* Simple Changes: Small additions can make your culinary life easier. Consider painting a strip of chalkboard paint on your kitchen wall so family members can maintain to-do lists, share notes and recipes. This helps you stay organized while adding an interactive element to your decor. Also consider adding roll-out cabinet shelves to make storing and finding pots and pans easier. It is no surprise that the kitchen faucet can be turned on and off anywhere from 30 to 50 times a day by a family of four. Install a touch faucet, such as one of Delta Faucet’s kitchen faucets with Touch2O Technology, which provides the option to start and stop the flow of water with a tap anywhere on the spout or handle. When hands get messy, water flow can be started with the wrist or forearm, keeping the process more efficient while reducing the potential for cross-contamination. * Energy Savers: Being efficient is about more than just saving time. It’s important to conserve energy and water too. Save energy by cooking large batches of food and freezing half for later. It takes less energy to turn on the range once to cook a big pot, than multiple times to cook smaller portions. Make sure your kitchen faucet is also eco-friendly and can help you conserve water. Look for one with a Multi-Flow wand that can toggle between spray and stream functionality. The function adds convenience because a simple push can increase the flow from 1.5 gallons per minute for tasks like hand washing, to 2.2 gallons per minute when more water is needed to fill pots and vases. “Homeowners are concerned about saving water, especially in areas where water is scarce,” says Kurt Backlund, Delta brand senior product manager. “Yet some tasks require a higher flow for speed and convenience. Choose a faucet that offers the option to increase flow when needed while saving water the rest of the time.” * Street Smarts: Think like a short-order cook to run your kitchen when things become hectic. Keep a magnetic pad on the fridge and tell family members to jot down items that run out. This way, your grocery list is always up-to-date and you save money and time at the supermarket by avoiding buying items you don’t need. Another trick is to clean as you go. While piling dishes in the sink is convenient in the short term, washing them as you go and cleaning countertops as food cooks makes after-dinner cleaning easier. Remember: An efficient kitchen can not only save you time, but also helps save money, energy and water.

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