BBB Warns of intimidation scams

By Steve Abel – President of the Abilene BBB | September 1, 2014

BBB is warning folks about calls from scammers that pose as law enforcement then threated arrest or jail due to some vague reason. Sometimes the scammers identify themselves as federal agents, officers, law enforcement or from a “law” office. They inform the intended victim they are about to issue an arrest warrant, they are under investigation, or officers are nearby to make an arrest. Sooner or later the scammers get around to informing the victim they can put a “hold” on the arrest, investigation, or fine by paying a fee via Green Dot money card or Western Union. BBB recommends the following tips if your receive one of these scam phone calls: • Hang Up – Don’t provide any information over the phone.• Protect Personal Information – In response to an incoming call, never give out any personal or financial information such as your Social Security number, financial information or any passwords and other identifying information.• Law Enforcement never asks for money – fines and fees are paid to specific courts.• Look Out for Spoofing – Part of scammers’ sophisticated tactics include ‘spoofing,’ which happens when the caller masks their own number and causes the number of a well-known service, like a law enforcement agency to appear on caller ID. The number and type of extortion scams are escalating. Foreign elements are using them to target Americans. Please help BBB inform others not to be frightened, intimidated and scammed into paying these crooks. TORCH AWARD Please help us honor outstanding businesses by nominating them for the Torch Award. You know excellence when you see it. Call us at 691-1533 and we’ll send you a nomination form.