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Barkeley Park Opens

By Joe Starkey



Lydia Long will not tell you that she had the dream and concept of a dog park for Abilene. But ask anyone who was the driving force and they all point her direction. After many months and lots of different fund raisers – Camp Barkeley became a reality on 20 November 2010. She opened the ceremony naming the dog park “in honor of the veterans and War Dogs that trained at Camp Barkeley. The presentation was honored by a group of WWII re-enactors from the 12th Armored Museum.{{more}}Mayor Archibald told the humans and dogs gathered there that this park “shows there is nothing this city cannot do when it works together and this park demonstrates how our city cares for others.”Billy and Molli Can with Kobe and Xena. Photo by Joe StarkeyRepresentative Susan King welcomed all to the park and Minister Eduaro Rivera of the First United Methodist Church blessed the park and those who would be using it.The park has a great sit up of two adjacent parks. The smaller of the two is for dogs under 40 pounds and the other is for large dogs and little dogs that want to play with the big boys. And no – you can’t take your scardy-cat big dog over to play with the little dogs. Both parks have multiple watering stations and benches for when the humans get tired and don’t really want to lie down under the trees with their pup.Lydia Long, Franklin Calvin, Frank Zeridli with Gracie in pink, Gus in Blue and Chester in Black. Photo by Joe Starkey

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