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AYSA Gives Many Thanks

By Sienna Miller



The Abilene Youth Sports Authority held a luncheon to thank those who helped make this year’s Sports Expo the success that it was. The Executive Director Jon Smith and his wife Nadeen,{{more}}took some time to show their appreciation to some of the, Volunteers, Sponsors, and the Planning Committee. Keeping with the theme of a healthy lifestyle, the lunch menu provided just that. In addition to receiving feedback from this year’s Expo, an array of door prizes, were also given as a small token of thanks. Jon began by mentioning that since the Expo, their website visits at have increased. Originally receiving anywhere from 17-18,000 hits a month, as of January the 17th; AYSA’s site has received 24,000 hits! This was great news to all in attendance. Mr. Smith mentioned many quotes from vendors who participated in the Expo. There were numerous positive quotes given on behalf of those who signed autographs. One of the highlights of the hour was about two little boys who waited around for about 21/2 hours just to get Abilene High Football Player, Taylor Potts’ autograph. Smith comments with a smile…“That’s what it’s all about!” All vendors were thankful for the opportunity to be present and look forward to returning next year. Smith mentions that they will have more booths open next year for new vendors and says that he expects even those to be taken by this April. After reading the comments aloud made by the vendors, the group took a little time to talk about those things that they really liked about the event. Nadeen Smith then took some time to write down some suggestions on what might be done differently for the upcoming year. Special Awards were handed out on behalf of Jon and his wife for a job well done. It was good to see everyone sit back and laugh a little. Overall, there were a lot of networking opportunities and fun. Some comments from the luncheon were given from attendies. Terry Groban who served on the Planning Committee had this to say, “ I thought this was great! For everybody to kind of come together and kind of celebrate the event, and then also to brainstorm so quickly afterwards on how we can make it better next year.” She even stayed after to visit for a little while. Angie Holmes who was also served on the Committee says, “What I like about today, is thinking about what a diverse group we have from all over the city, and to celebrate our success.”

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