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Award Winning Barbeque Tips From a Passionate Pit Master

By Floyd Miller



It’s grilling season again and backyard chefs have begun turning up the heat on grills nationwide in their continued pursuit of juicy and delicious barbecue. As they dust off their grills and pull out their tools, everyone from novices to aficionados knows that summer promises the opportunity to officially dive back into the grilling season. While barbecue may be a passing hobby for some, for others it is a way of life, a true passion. {{more}}One of those passionate grillers is National Champion Pit Master Mike Davis of Lotta Bull Barbeque from Oklahoma. Mike, his wife Debbie and their two miniature schnauzers travel around the country stopping at almost 50 competitions a year to flex their BBQ muscles. In preparation for the summer grilling season, Davis is sharing some of his secrets to keep your grill in high demand no matter where you fire-up: * When grilling, use a “smoker” box of aromatic hardwoods such as mesquite, hickory or pecan to give that distinctive wood smoked flavor. * When cooking larger cuts of meat, always use an indirect heat as a source. Using the direct heat method will char the outside of the meat without allowing the inside to cook properly. * Use a spray or baste during cooking to help keep the meat moist and flavorful and prevent meat from drying out during the cooking process. * A mustard slather can be used to thoroughly coat the meat to help hold spices and seasonings in place during preparation. * Use olive oil or any other cooking oil to coat the surface of vegetables to add crispness and to hold on spices and seasonings. With BBQ season comes tasty seasoned foods that may cause frequent heartburn, or heartburn that occurs two or more days a week. Davis, a frequent heartburn sufferer himself, understands the importance of protection. Those like Mike, who don’t want to let frequent heartburn stand in the way of enjoying the foods they love, can take Prilosec OTC, the number one branded frequent heartburn medication. Prilosec OTC is the number one doctor recommended acid reducer according to a 2007 Wolters Kluwer audit, and the number one pharmacist recommended OTC heartburn medicine according to the Pharmacy Times. Davis also has some safety tips for fellow grillers: * Pay careful attention to pork and poultry. You must make sure both meats are properly cooked through. * Always grill in a well ventilated area, away from eaves and overhangs that can trap toxic fumes. * Keep a full water bucket handy in case flames get out of control quickly. * Do not defrost meats at room temperature, always defrost in the refrigerator. * Use insulated barbeque mitts to protect your hands when cooking or adjusting the grill. For more grilling tips and information on getting powerful protection this summer, visit

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