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By Floyd Miller



Abilene, TX – The Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Fund has awarded a $60,000 one-year grant to Alliance for Women & Children to increase the awareness of the life-saving benefits of breast cancer early detection. It is the seventh year that the program has received Avon Foundation funding to support its work of educating over 5,000 women in Abilene and the Big Country on the importance of early detection and screening. Women’s Health Awareness Program {{more}} will provide over 1,200 mammograms, and collaborate with local clinics, hospitals and doctor’s offices to provide breast health services to low income women. Since, the program is also a Breast and Cervical Cancer Services grantee through the Texas Department of State Health Services, any Women’s Health Awareness client diagnosed with invasive breast cancer will be eligible for Medicaid while being treated.“We are proud that the Avon Foundation shares our mission and has chosen to support our program. With these funds we will be able to provide educational materials and information to women across all 36 counties we serve in West Texas,” says Toni Brown, Program Manager for Women’s Health Awareness Program at Alliance for Women & Children.Breast Cancer is the most common form of cancer in women in the U.S., and the leading single cause of death in women between the ages of 40 and 55. According to the American Cancer Society, 12,120 new cases of breast cancer will be detected in Texas this year and 2,480 lives will be lost. Nationwide, there is a new diagnosis every three minutes and a death from breast cancer every fourteen minutes. While advances have been made in prevention, diagnosis,

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