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Astrological Weather Forecast

By Nancy McEwen - Astrometeorologist



Weather indicated for each lunar phase is the kind of weather generally expected for those few days. In some cases, exact dates have been indicated for the most likely weather on that date. Lunar Perigee , intensifies weather.First Quarter Moon – 11 13 10Great vacation weather. Dry and mild. Gibbous Moon – 11 17 10Mild and dry, gusty . Morning fog on the 17th. Full Moon – 11 21 10Fog and rain are likely on the 21st. Skies become overcast on the 24th.{{more}} Sun Ingress – Sagittarius – 11 22 10 Mild with a few cold snaps. Drier than normal. Windier than normal. Disseminating Moon – 11 25 10 – THANKSGIVING SNOWCold, with a possibility of a one-day snow event. Third Quarter Moon – 11 28 10Mild, dry and windy. Mercury Ingress – Capricorn – 11 30 10Winds can be anything from beneficial cool breezes to gusty and strong. Tornadoes are possible. Lunar Perigee – Nov 30, 2010

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