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By Amber Monroe



“Music that’s Making aDifference” By: Amber Monroe ~ Hairstylist and Makeup Artist 817-983-4255 Recently I was fortunate enough to sit down with the young and upcoming Dallaship hop duo Juan G. and Will Foe to talk a little about Hip Hop style, what ittakes to stand out in the music industry, and the driving force behind makingtheir dreams come true. Here is what they had to say: “I have this Bible verse I keep on my phone, Proverbs 18:21: ‘Death andlife are on the power of the tongue. Those who love it will eat itsfruit.” Ever since I established a relationship with God, I’m a bigbeliever that what you speak in people’s lives carries power.” -Juan G. Career Beginnings A: How and where did you two meet? W: We actually met when we were staying at the same apartment complex aboutfour or five years ago. I was pulling up in my car bassing some instrumentalmusic that my cousin made back in Chicago, and Juan heard it, came outside, andwas like ‘Man, that’s a nice instrumental…’ He asked if I rapped, and I waslike ‘Yeah.’ He rapped something to me, and I rapped something to him…and itwas just history from then. A: Did you start recording immediately after that? J: Well actually when we first met, I was doing my thing, and obviously Willwas doing his thing, but we came together to do a few songs, and collaboratedto see how it might go from there. At the time the chemistry was just bangin’so we were just like you know what, let’s take this to the next level, and wenton to start up Chozen Few. {{more}} Style Influences A: Do you have any style influences within the hip hop industry? J: For awhile I liked Kanye West when he first came out. A: I liked his preppy style too. Very sharp. J: Yeah, now he seems to be moving with the trend of attention-grabbingclothes, kilts and the like. But hey, that’s what you’ve got to do sometimes.You have to stand out. W: As far as style goes, I would say everybody has their own style. It’s aboutbeing yourself. That’s what makes Two Chainz stand out, that’s what makes Jay Zstand out, Lil Wayne–If we were all the same in the industry, what would theindustry be? A: Let’s say you both had unlimited funds and could splurge on any labels anddesigners out there now. What would you buy? J: Actually, we would take Chozen Few brand and take it to that next level. I’mnot knocking anyone else’s style but we feel that Chozen Few could be the nextelite brand–urban brand, pop brand–and just integrate that with everydemographic and genre. And that’s what we’re in the process of doing now withour funds. Not only catapulting us and our image, but actually our brand too. W: Chozen Few shoes, Chozen Few watches, hats…Everything. A: We will be on the lookout for that! Message in the Music A: I was very interested to hear about your positive style of hip hop music.That is so rare nowadays. Our readers would love to hear more about the kind ofmusic you make, and why. J: We came together from two different areas but with a lot of the sameproblems like gang violence, murders, close people around us in trouble…Thewhole influence of positivity is, at the end of the day, every human being inthis world–regardless if they are atheist, or believe in Christ, or whoever,they feed off that energy one way or the other. Anybody in life wants thatpositive energy. If you go into the scientific realm, we were actually madefrom a positive force. So that being said, with the way the whole musicindustry is right now, there is so much negativity that somebody had to step upand do something positive. I feel like this is the perfect time, as Will said,to stand out. And I feel like our two styles coming together for a good reasonare shining a light on the industry. It’s not just what people want, it’s anecessity. Knowing that we can sing to a crowd or a person and it actuallychanges something about them in a positive way…that’s the fuel that keeps usgoing. W: Also, given where we both come from–I have a brother in jail, he has abrother in jail and a sister in jail doing life–and seeing what positionthey’re in and how they got there makes you want to do something positive. Weare losing our people due to all of these negative influences so it’s good forsomeone to step up and be a good influence to the younger generation. J: What people don’t realize is that you can make good music without cursing orusing derogatory language. You have to think out of the box and expand yourvocabulary. A: I second that! W: That’s actually the kind of music I was doing at first. That’s all I knew atfirst, coming from where I came from. Sometimes that’s all a person knows, soit takes the Lord to put a “Juan G.” in your life to be a positive influenceand helps turn your life around. And that’s what I am focusing on now–beingpositive. That’s actually what brought me to Dallas. The Here and Now A: So Will, you are from Chicago. Juan, are you as well? J: No, I’m actually a country boy from Tyler. The littlest biggest city in EastTexas. We’re getting ready to put it on the map! A: Indeed! Recently you guys were featured on K104. How awesome was that? J: Actually, before me and Will met, we were both on K104 for other projects.But yeah, it’s interesting because months before we were asked to be in K104 wewere talking about the plans we had for all our goals about various radiostations we want to be featured on. Before we even knew how we were going to beon K104 we were telling everybody ‘We’re going to be on K104, MTV, BET, andthings just started catapulting because we spoke those positive words.Opportunities just kept opening up. So to me it was just like a chapter closed that let us know that hey, maybewe’re not working in vain. Things really started to look up, even though weknow we have lots more work to do. It’s a good motivation for us to keep movingforward. W: It was a real motivation once it happened, but after that it was like ‘okay,time to get back to work!’ Next is 97.9 The beat, next is Hot97, next is WDCI,so yeah, we’ve got to keep at it. The Future J: We will be performing at club Zouk, Wish, Dallas Cedar Valley College, andRaw in October. And today, we will be meeting with the owner of Fishbowl Radioto sign papers for our own radio show that wasoffered to us after we broke records for the amount of people that tuned induring an interview we did with them a few weeks ago. The show will air Monday7-9pm and Thursday 1-3pm. Our show will be called “Juan G. & Will FoeRadio.” We will also be working with Mass Luminosity–a gaming community–that will be featuring us as artists for some projects soon. In Closing… A: Are there any closing thoughts would you like to leave our readers with? W: Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t make it. Follow your dreams, andput the Lord first, because without him we are nothing. He opens doors that mancan’t open and man can’t close. J: I would tell people to not only follow the dreams in your mind, but in yourheart as well. Have faith in yourself. Speak whatever it is you want to happen,and the hard work will pay off. Regardless of what you believe, if your heartstays right, good things will happen. A: Well said guys, well said! If you would like to keep up with Juan G. and Will Foe, here are the links totheir media outlets, as well as where you can purchase their new album entitled”Past Due.” * Album * Radio Show Fish Bowl Radio Network “Juan G and Will Radio” * Twitter * Facebook – Juan G and Will Foe * Email * Booking Information 972-971-1019 * YouTube Channel:ChozenFewMusiq * K104 Interview I hope you all enjoyed reading about some real movers and shakers in the Dallasmetroplex. Next issue I will be answering more of your hair, fashion, style,health, and beauty questions! Send them to: with”Ask” in the subject line. Thanks, and be blessed!  

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