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Ask a Fashionista!

By Amber Monroe



Your one stop shop for the lowdown on hair, makeup, and everything fabulous! Hair Loss. It doesn’t have to be YOUR loss! By: Hairstylist and Certified Classic Artist for Alterna Hair Care, Amber Monroe many of us have ever experienced this scenario: You’re in the shower, washing away with your favorite shampoo. And just as you’re beginning to get the full effect of your favorite cucumber/honey/vanilla scented selection, you run your fingers through your hair only to realize you feel like there is increasingly more hair in your hands than on your head.Don’t be embarrassed, it happens to us all. And as lives become busier, and new drugs are approved every year for such common ailments such as diabetes, and high blood pressure, the number of us watching our hair go “down the drain” as it were, is on the rise.So, what do we do about it, you are most likely wondering. First, it is imperative to find out what is causing these problems in order to then remedy them properly. So, over the next few issues, we’ll take a look at the six main reasons for hair loss, and their solutions. Culprit 1: Chemical and/or Heat DamageThe frequent chemical client may be familiar with our first hair issue: Damage. That means, over processed hair from flat-ironing the hair, blow-drying, coloring the hair, highlights, perms etc. This may be the most common culprit of hair loss. You find short bits of hair in your comb/sink/on your shoulders. This type of hair loss is only prevalent at the site of damage. For example, a woman may have hair that is growing well and full, however it may be getting shorter due to damage, thus making her think she is losing her hair, when in actuality, she is only experiencing breakage due to damage. This is a common misconception that can lead the client to believe that she needs topical hair re-growth treatments. For this situation, since the hair growing out at her roots is healthy and full, all that needs to be treated is the ends, or the point of damage. A fantastic treatment for damaged hair is Joico’s K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor for strength, or Alterna’s Anti-Aging Caviar Deep Conditioning treatment for moisture. You can find it at most salons. Oh, and as a side note, never buy salon brands in a supermarket. You are most likely buying over priced old product, or something that has been diluted. But that is another article altogether! Stay tuned for next month’s information about hair loss prevention and solutions!Have a style/hair/makeup/skin/fashion question you are just dying to have answered? Email me at, and your style query may be featured in the next issue!

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