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By Joe Starkey



A new group to support the Grace Museum had their first event Friday, March 20th. It featured all you could eat ribs , cool drinks and rhythm by Brenda Kaye with Lawless Flatz. {{more}} The group will have 3-4 such events every year and features many benefits related to the Grace. They are for the young and young-at-heart of Abilene and the surrounding area. The next event is a member’s only reception at Frontier Texas for the sculpture artist coming next to the Grace after the opening of the show.The courtyard of the Grace was filled with all ages enjoying the food, drink and music while talking. There was even the mysterious woman in blue gathering information about doings around town. Local artist Larry Milar was present with his wife and I got both a portrait and information about the Woodpecker show at the Contemporary Arts Center. It was a great time to meet new people and greet old friends. Did I forget to mention that the food, drinks and music were free?The Grace is a great place and deserving of Abilene’s support. Go see the many different exhibits or even take your children down to the children’s center and let them make many of the projects presented each Art Walk.

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