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Art Walk July 2008

By Joe Starkey



It was a nice wander of downtown. Sunshine the whole time and pleasant temperatures made the walk a very pleasant experience. {{more}} The Grace Museum had the Ballet Folklorio in the foyer with dancers from children to adults to complement the photography show “Nostromos” which features portraits of Latinos. The description of the show states “The photographs in this exhibition are records of individual existence. A recurring theme, though, is the central role women play in maintaining a sense of home and homeland for their families.” I recommend this show for all.The show in the adjoining space is paintings by artist Lilan Garcia-Roig. Her large, intricate paintings of nature are worthy of study by artists for their use of color and nature lovers for their detail and depiction of nature. She spent a considerable time explaining how she sees and creates color to several docents. One comment was that they did not see her signature on the paintings which lead to her explanation that they are all signed but she hides her signature “because it is a component of the image.” This talk to the docents was part of the Grace Museum program to train docents. A Docent is a person that assists the museum to administer the various education programs throughout the year. Some give tours of the art galleries, the History Museum and the Children’s Museum. The time commitment for this includes two hours of training every month to learn about new exhibits, plus time spent giving tours as needed. Outreach docents go to schools to teach art lessons eight times a year to third and fourth grade students. As an Outreach Docent you would spend between six and ten hours a month in schools with training requirements taking different time each month. Both types of docent are required to attend two orientations where they receive training in the type work they are volunteering in. Tour docents get training in how to guide tours while the Outreach docents are trained to give hands on classroom instruction. Docent training is a form of continuing education introducing the volunteer to new artists, skills and experiences. The Grace Museum needs additional docents. The next orientation course is Aug 26 and continues Aug 28. If you are interested in becoming either type of docent, contact Pam Harman at 673-4587 or before August 20th.Just a block north is the Cockerell Gallery. Most of the studios were open to the public and were showing new work. Studio Brista opened in February and Stacy Horton and Brittany Bennett were enjoying talking about their art to visitors. They are well worth a visit. Outside the Cockerell Gallery had several events happening as usual. Suzanne Starr and her partner were doing really excellent calligraphy and I was enticed to buy two plaques as daughter Sarah has decided to be Elizabeth at college . I was saving them as a going to college gift but since they are announced in the paper, I’ll give them to her tonight. They always feature live music for art walk.Going over to the Contemporary Arts Center, I was intrigued by Larry Milar’s presentation. You start with black plastic completely covering the entrance to the small gallery and in/out signs. Enter the interactive maze and enjoy a multiplicity of experiences wait as you go thru the maze gathering clues to enjoy the main show based on the “Red Sediments in Elm Creek.” One of the statements in the show is “In nature everything is ‘real’, even the ‘illusions.’” I found it interesting that most of the visitors hesitated before entering and some even decided not to enter when faced by the hanging black plastic entrance. I do encourage you to go experience this show.As always, I only could manage a few of the many events going on at Art Walk. Please plan to come the second Thursday in August and bring your pet for the Dog Days events from 5 to 8 PM.

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