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Art Walk August 2007

By Floyd Miller



It was a hot August day and the art world had gone to the dogs. Big dogs, little dogs and middle dogs were all roaming the streets of downtown Abilene and wandering thru the displays of art in the Cockerell Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art and most probably the other areas of Abilene that celebrate the arts every 2nd Thursday of the month.The Cockerell Gallery was featuring the work of Ms. T.M. Gand titled “Kaleidoscope: A colorful palette of Ever-changing Imagery.” {{more}}The Museum of Contemporary Art was featuring the works of the West Texas Photographic Society which is a local group of camera artists that generally meet every third Thursday in the back room of the museum at 7 PM. Everyone is welcome. The November meeting will be a competition night and everyone is welcome to come and watch. The Museum of Contemporary Art was also featuring a fund raiser for the Sanctuary Home for Children in India. Works from a trip to India were for sale in the second floor gallery and Ms. Amanda Pettit was painting henna designs on the hands of interested children and parents.

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