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Art at the center

By Joe Starkey



Mr. Larry Milar who walked in many months ago told the director that he wanted to do a show on “Woodpeckers” and the Denter’s 2008 Intercollegiate Student Art Competition Winner: Ms. Lisa Beacleay.{{more}}First came the woodpeckers. Mr. Milar envisioned an invitational show by select artists to benefit “Art for Nature” which is working to save the habitat of the endangered Ivory Bill Woodpecker. Until recently, it was believed this woodpecker was extinct but a nature photographer after many failed trips finally captured evidence they still exist. Each artist has a different vision of the quest and all are for sale on an on-line auction at with ½ of the sales price going to benefit the Ivory Bill Woodpecker.The Gallery 4 show for March/April is “PHOBOS” by Lisa Beacleay from Hardin Simmons University. She uses many materials layered on top of each other to reflect on fear using both images and words. It is an interesting show from a young artist.

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