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Arkansas Evangelist Bill Ford Preaches on Strong on Revelation at a Recent Haskell Revival

By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd



Covenant Foursquare Church in Haskell, Texas opened its doors to the neighboring community at a revival welcoming speaker/evangelist Bill Ford, 62, and his wife Ida, 62, from Clinton, Arkansas. Pastor Bill Glass invited Ford to preach after they met at another revival where he heard the evangelist speak. Gilley who is from Abilene, Texas was also invited to lead the praise and worship on the last day of the revival that lasted three days. Small town pastors like Glass seem to have an enormous vision with motivation that brings folks from miles away to drive along the cotton fields and fill the benches of country churches just to hear God’s message. With today’s economy that is constantly changing, farmers are not only hungry for a good prosperous crop, but for spiritual wisdom.”{{more}} Pastor Glass is originally from Stamford and has been officiating at his church for ten years after settling down with his wife, Rene, in Haskell. His father was in the military and brought his family to the area. Glass shares about his vision, “What we strive for is when we humble ourselves. It is going to start with the house of God and Believers as a Christ revelation that just brings us back to our first love the way we should be.” He said. Being led in the spirit is something not all people understand, but according to guest speaker/evangelist Bill Ford it would help if an individual can find a sign. “I saw a great sign. If you see a sign, Welcome to Haskell, you have not seen Haskell yet.” He said. “Jesus saw a sign in heaven. God is going to shake Satan’s kingdom. There are going to be signs in earth and in heaven. God told me…little towns would be a refuge for my people. Churches won’t be able to hold them. When you have seen miracles, you have never seen, you have seen creative miracles.” “Something is going to happen in the last days to Satan. God is going to bring him down. That is why there is going to be tribulation. So don’t be judging the devil. We are so earthly minded. We are not heavenly good. He showed me that many would be caught up in the heavenly realm. You are going to be caught up in the spirit.” Ford said. “If church ever gets the revelation, than I believe we are going to have a big revival. When we get a hold of that, the spirit of Elijah is coming, church, than the book of revelation is going to be opened up. People say, I am scared of it, but it is the revelation of the coming of Christ.” “It has been really great. The scriptures that the evangelist read really opened your eyes and your heart to be prepared for the coming of the Lord. I think that everyone should seek the Lord because without him we are nothing. You are going to have to be ready,” said Delores Gonzalez who attended the revival with her husband Ruben. The couple is from Stamford. “When you are in the spirit, you can hear from God. He is always near, nearerthan you think. When you have a revelation you need to act on it. You have got to be a seeker of God and know him,” said Evangelist Bill Ford. What called Ford to be an evangelist, and when did he accept Jesus Christ as his savior? “I did not have a choice. Before I started traveling I had to do it for thirteen years. You can have a vision in your church, but God has to prepare you for it.” Ford said. “I accepted Jesus when I was nine years old. I was at my uncle’s church in Vermont at a summer night service. He was a pastor of Assembly of God Church in Burlington.” “Even when we are dead, he made us alive together in heavenly places. I know you are seated in a church right now, but God says we are seated in the heavens.” said Ford. “We think heaven is a place, but heaven is here. The Bible says heaven is in us.” Ford said. “It is about all above, all principal, and church. It is God who fills the body. What if the church awakes to this body? Then we realize Satan is under our feet.’ “Whether you realize it or not, your money is going to fail if your faith is not in Jesus. The reason it has not failed yet is because it still has value.” Ford said. He shared about Paul, the apostle, who had a unique experience and vision and he shares in second Corinthians about how it is not good to boast and that there is nothing to be gained about it, but he boasts about his weaknesses that were strengthened by God. “How many of you know that time is limited. He came into time to deliver us. You see in eternity there is no time. I can preach for an hour and no one will mind.” Ford said. In Revelation, the Bible says that in the last days there will be healing just like when Jesus walked on the earth healing with his apostles working miracles. Ford gave an example of how God healed Him when he became very sick. “Have you ever been caught up in the Lord in any experience? The Lord told me to get up and dance before him. All night I was sick. He said, ‘get up and worship me.’ I was caught up in the spirit. I was flying in the heavens. My body was instantly healed.” He said. “How many know that Jesus’ is coming as two different things. One is the Lamb, and the second time he is going to be the King of Kings. We are going to see him when he comes back. Elijah is coming first. Jesus sends Elijah, and I did not know him. There is little known about this man. John the Baptist came to prepare the way for God’s coming and back then Jesus could only put his spirit on a few of them. When you understand it, scriptures begin to form. As the world crumbles, scriptures began to form. Earthquakes are going to be everywhere.” Ford said. “We are going to be sowing a revelation in glory of God. He will protect the church.When earthquakes come, God will supernaturally protect you, but it is those on the outside that do not know what is going on with the body. The devil is going after them.” “Revelation 6 says that angelic beings came down from heaven. Were they Satan’s fallen angels? They defiled the human race. When Satan is going to be cast out from the heavens, it is going to be in the last days He does not have anything new. He is a copycat.” Ford shared. “The sign you need to look for is the revelation, and you want to be part of it.Do not be a shaker if your house rocks. You have to be standing on a rock.” He said.“When you don’t serve me nations will rise up above you, God said. You better know how to live by the kingdom. The only reason we have faith in money is because they told us it was good. That is why we lift treasures in heaven.” Ford said. “Wealth does not disappear unless it is on paper. There is going to be a transfer of wealth. Men are going to lose their net. I want you to know that God gives us all opportunities of a lifetime.”“What is the temple of God? God does not live in buildings made with hands. God don’t live here, but he comes when you come, because he lives in you.” shared Ford. “He is still Lamb of God. He is still not the King of Kings, which means you can still be saved. The heaven is going to open up and we are actually going to see Jesus on the throne,” Ford adds, “You have to call him. I need you to open your mouth, but with the mouth confession is made. There is going to be so many people saved in the last days when he will come as the King of Kings.” As the night grew old those in attendance did not leave the same. The echo of a song and a powerful message that touched attentive hearts will hopefully spread to family and friends through word of mouth. The plan that the Lord had for Ford since accepting Jesus at a very young age transpired, and that is to touch hearts of people that need to confess sin, be cleansed and renewed to a new life with God.

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