Are you Preaching or Pimping?

By Floyd Miller | March 1, 2015

Let me say that I believe in Christianity and I believe the US Constitution is a great document. However I don’t think they really mix.The U S Constitution was written for US Citizens. If was also written by well intentioned men but flawed men like you and I. Christianity, has Christ as its author a man that was not flawed, in fact he was without sin.Here is where I get concerned. If you listen to the religious talk shows, read some of the theologians writings, listen to some of the sermons you hear on radio and tv they are talking about what the US Constitution allows and why we must defend it. They talk about what our fore fathers had in mind. They preach this stuff from pulpits as if these men were the savior of the world and that our Constitution, Country and Christianity are the same. I have no qualms with one defending our constitution and our way of life. It’s just that I believe gospel preachers have a higher and nobler calling, which is to preach the gospel of Christ. After all it is the gospel of Christ that will change the world.There are many individuals that are hurting spiritually and are trying to find their way. Perhaps next Sunday one may have the courage to come into your Sanctuary. Will they hear some history lesson about our fore fathers and the Constitution? Or will they hear the voices of grateful, repentant Christians singing one of my favorites? I heard an old, old story,How a Savior came from glory,How He gave His life on CalvaryTo save a wretch like me;I heard about His groaning,Of His precious blood’s atoning,Then I repented of my sins;And won the victory.Chorus:O victory in Jesus,My Savior, forever.He sought me and bought meWith His redeeming blood;He loved me ere I knew Him,And all my love is due Him,He plunged me to victory,Beneath the cleansing flood. Come next Sunday! Will you Be Preaching or Pimping?