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Are You A Student In The School of Adversity?

By Henry Nelson



Proverbs 24:10 “If you falter in times of trouble, how small is your strength!”   I want you to look at the case of Daniel in the Bible. God has the power to prevent Daniel from being thrown into the lion’s den. While they were planning it, he was watching them. He could have asked them to fall down and die but He kept quiet. When Daniel’s enemies went to report him to the king and he was arrested. God saw them and did not say they should not arrest him. God was with Daniel in the lions’ den. He was there. God was not sleeping. The question is, if you were the one thrown inside that lion’s den, would you come out alive like Daniel? Somebody tried it in England lately. He decided to jump into the den of lions at the zoological garden. It was said that when he jumped in, the lions first of all ran away and later came back and ate him up. Nobody could deliver him.The People who threw Daniel of the Bible into that den forgot certain things. They forgot that it was God who created the lions. They forgot that God has supreme power. They forgot that the Son of God himself is called the Lion of Judah. They forgot that Daniel was a son of that Lion of Judah and that therefore lion cannot eat lion, as he was the son of a greater lion. The God of Daniel did not come late and He will not come late for you. {{more}}What did Daniel do in the lion’s den? He prayed. Certain facts about Daniel were not clear to the enemy. That is why it is a good prayer point when you say, “Let my life continually confuse my enemy, in the name of Jesus “The men who threw Daniel into the den ended up being eaten. So, the sword taken up against Daniel by his enemies turned against them. When they were planning to destroy Daniel, they did not know that they were planning for their own destruction.   Let us look at the Israelites at the Red sea. Why did God wait until the Egyptians were very close to them before He intervened? God comes when things look hopeless. When the doctors throw up their hands in despair and the lawyers say it is a hopeless case, it is then the Almighty starts working. So, you must learn the principle of stubborn prayers and the principle of shameless prayers. Perhaps, as you are reading this message you are already having the symptoms of defeat and discouragement, do not give up. Ecclesiastes 7:14, says,“ In the day of prosperity be joyful, but in the day of adversity consider, God also hath set the one over against the other to the end that man should find nothing after him.” Watch a man or woman in the time of adversity and you can tell what kind of person he or she is.   They are those who are discouraged. When you pray and get discouraged you may be praying the wrong prayer. In Numbers11 and 1st Kings 19, Moses and Elijah prayed to die because of discouragement. They said the wrong things. They begin to think of the wrong things. They did the wrong things. In Numbers 20, Moses smote the rock because of discouragement. In 1st Kings 19, Elijah ran away from the Jezebel because of discouragement. They all began to see the wrong things. You will end up in the wrong place and get into the wrong spirit. Amen!Discouragement in the school of adversity is a very dangerous thing. Unfortunately, many people down-grade themselves continually. That is why when you are in the school of adversity you should encourage yourself in the Lord. Discouraged people have trouble communicating with God. The devil knows this, he knows that encouragement brings hope, but discouragement brings hopelessness and despair. He knows that when people are encouraged they stand on their feet, but when they are discouraged they start fainting. So, whenever there is adversity the first thing the devil brings along is discouragement. A lot of people die because of discouragement. Sometimes, some people say, “Well, why don’t you allow me to die? This is discouragement. Discouragement has killed many people. But when your heart is encouraged you will receive good things from the Lord. Discouragement is a hard thing in the school of adversity. Amen!During the World War II, all the children who were rescued from a Nazi death camp were suffering from malnutrition and hunger. When they were brought into another camp and were looked after and given the best food, they still could not sleep at night. The people looking after them were amazed. Every night they were very restless. The doctors looked at them, but did not know what was wrong with them. Not until somebody came and advised that they should be given a slice of bread each to hold on their hands as they go to bed. They did and that night each one of them slept. What was the problem with those children? They were used to worrying where the next meal would come from and that made them restless and unable to sleep. But with the bread in their hands they could sleep. Discouragement is a personal decision. You need to make a conscious effort not to be discouraged. Nobody can discourage you, it is a personal decision. If you want to encourage yourself, it is a personal decision. So you have to know that in the school of adversity, if you get discouraged, you will fail. You should always be ready for battle. You do not have to wait for the devil to strike before you get ready. What Proverbs 24:10 means is that the day of adversity is coming. You have to be strong before it comes. You have to be prepared at all times. If you do not prepare, you will not be able to face it.You can defeat adversity. In time of peace, prepare for war by putting on the whole “Armor of God” as His word says. After putting it on, you will not remain standing. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Do not be distracted. There are many distracted people around. They take their minds away from the most important things. That is why as a believer you should be careful when other people are praising you, otherwise your head will be swollen and you will get carried away and some arrows will come in.   You have to avoid distracters. Distracters make you forget yourself and then the arrows come in. Watch those who are trying to flatter you. Do not pay attention to them. Also do not pay attention to those who are busy abusing you or criticizing you so that you can focus on the main thing.   The end of the age is coming and you have a lot of fake Christians in the house of the Lord. Some claim to be born again, but they are born against. They have not seen salvation at all. So avoid distraction. If you do not understand the spiritual condition of a thing, do not get involved with it.   Lastly, be cautious about comfort. Comfort can make a person to be spiritually lazy. The Lord does not want us to be a failure in the school of adversity. Therefore, I encourage you to pray. I want to give those in need a prayer a prayer to say, “Holy Ghost fire, pull down every barrier blocking my progress in Jesus name. I refuse to participate in every failure of my family, in the name of Jesus. I bury my failure today, in the name of Jesus. Every rat and rag of poverty be roasted in the name of Jesus. Any power that says I will not enjoy my life, what are you waiting for die, in Jesus name. Every cage of household foolishness working against my destiny, break in the name of Jesus. My God shall arise and my enemies shall scatter in the name of Jesus. You the strongman behind my problem, what are you waiting for “die” in the name of Jesus.” Now you know why you are a student of adversity! Amen!

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