Another Vote For Lydia M. Long

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By | May 1, 2012

I am an attorney and have known Dr. Long for 15 years. She is a great mother, an excellent member of her community, and very well educated. She has undertaken many projects to restore the neighborhood she lives in and to bring some neat amenities to Abilene, such as a dog park, for everyone to enjoy. I really can’t say enough to do her justice. Dr. Long has a PhD in Criminal Justice and has taught classes in criminal justice at both the University of Houston and Abilene Christian University. I am proud to recommend her for the position of JP for there is no person more qualified than she for this position. While considering your vote, think of these things: A JP should be someone who is separate from law enforcement not retired from it; One who is impartial and fair minded without other agendas co-mingled. The position of J.P. is one of great importance because they are the check and balance on the police force to avoid abuse of the system and to uphold your rights. Dr. Long embodies these things, and I urge you all to cast your vote in her favor for Taylor County Justice of the Peace.Anita J. Barrett, Esq.