And In This Corner………..

By Don Swinney | April 1, 2014

Blame it on my heritage . Quick to be ready to fight. Quick to lose my temper. Two older brothers ready to beat my head in. Any combination of the above. Nonetheless, in my early years my solution was to fight.Fast forward sixty years. At my father’s funeral, his only surviving brother sat down across from me at the community center meal. He said, “The thing I remember most about you as a kid was your temper.” So, it wasn’t my imagination.Born into a farming family at the tail end of the great depression, with the lure of jobs in California, my father led us to the West Coast. The company, for which my father worked, furnished free housing and naturally we took it.{{more}}The school we were assigned to attend was out in the country. It was completely enclosed by a chain link fence. It was strictly “verboten” for us to go outside it. One day my normal transportation wasn’t available and it was left up to me to find my own. I saw a neighbor lady and was in the process of asking her for a ride, when she walked outside the fence. I was more interested in getting a ride than obeying the fence rule, but one of my fellow classmates wasn’t. He came from behind me, ran his arms under my arms, locked his fingers behind my head and dragged me back inside the fence. I was powerless to do anything about it until he turned me loose inside the fence.I turned and knocked him to the ground with a right cross. He got up and lunged at me. I knocked him to the ground a second time. This time he fell on a piece of glass and started to bleed freely. This time he ran toward the school nurse. Fight ended!