An Open Sore

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By Rev. Andrew Penns | July 2, 2006

June 29th, 2006Subjectt: An Open SoreReading the article An Open Sore I could not help but to agree With Mr. Joe Starkey about problems in the Carver Neighborhood.As Chairman of the Neighborhood Association known as I-CAN Interested Citizens of Abilene North, there has been an on goingBattle with Drugs, Prostitution, and other Crimes in the Carver and Stevenson Neighborhood.Over Ten Years ago the I-CAN Association, the bilene Police Department and Taylor County Courts worked very hard to Eliminate a problem that once again seems now to exist.What will it take to say enough is enough? We hope and Pray It will not take what happen eleven years ago.Mrs. Gladys Abor who actually began the process of addressing The crime problems was fed up watching young men kill each Other, young ladies as prostitutes, and getting caught up in Drugs, and Drug related activities.Eleven years later I feel I-CAN, Abilene Police Department and Taylor County have let their guards down knowing that if you don’t stay on top of Drugs and Prostitution it comes back.It’s going to take a combined effort from the neighborhood Churches, Community Leaders, and City Government to Eliminate the problems altogether.