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American Soldiers Continue to Stand Proud Fighting for Our Country

By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd



It is for all the heroes of our country that possess great courage, and place themselves at the risk for the benefit of others and not afraid to die in honor for their country, that we dedicate this day to. Not for the politicians who have been elected for office, but for the men who to take their lives while fighting to keep freedom in America.Their mission is to save our country and what it stands for.Memorial Day is a day to pay tribute to all the soldiers who are today and have been in harm’s way while volunteering to serve in the military armed services. They are the brave soldiers saluting the red, white, and blue and what this country still stands for that started with the history of our forefathers.{{more}}No matter when or what the cost has been while armed in war, when orders from their posts have taken them to fight, dedication is the word for the soldiers of the Air Force, Marines, Army, Navy, and other military services.Since all the former United States presidents, and the Franklin D. Roosevelt era to today’s President Barack Obama, our country in crisis will continue having legislation pass bills into laws. The rising crisis of potential warfare between countries will also keep sending our troops of soldiers overseas to standby as they take their orders with dignity and pride.As citizens of this country, we all should take a stand for the freedom that continues to be won because of our fighting soldiers who should always receive all the credit and honor for what they do for America.

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