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Amazing Relief from Pain & Improved Mobility, What you can Expect: By Neil Hall

By Neil Hall



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Relief from pain, improved mobility, complete body function improvement.

Bowenwork sessions are a very mild bodywork that activates the bodies built in healing abilities. These abilities work to correct the cause of the problems you have. Results can begin almost immediately in many cases especially if problem has appeared recently, long-term problems take longer to complete recovery, especially for chronic problems but once completed it is usually long-lasting. If some results are evident after 2 or 3 sessions it indicates the body can make more improvements with more sessions.

A simple explanation of how the above is accomplished can be illustrated by a comparison to a contractor hired to return an old building to the original status. If the original blueprint is available then the contractor knows what needs to be done. Our brain basically has an original blueprint of how our body should be but due to the problems presented during our life it often reprograms and accepts those situations that arise such as pain, immobility, stress and misalignments. An explanation of how the Bowenwork helps the body to return to the normal of the original blueprint is below.


Bowenwork is applied through light clothing so you do not have to remove your clothing. The moves that are made are light involving only enough pressure to activate the nerve in the area. After a group of moves (procedures) the practitioner will usually leave the room for 2 minutes or more to allow the nervous system to carry the message to the brain which then checks the area out and compares what it finds in that area to the original blueprint, if it needs to be changed to match the blueprint then the brain begins activating the healing process in the body to correct the problem. We usually recommend that if your problem has existed for a period of time that you take at least 3 sessions before either of us decide whether or not the Bowenwork is helping. Many problems have taken long periods of time to manifest such as disk problems, they do not change quickly but given enough time (sessions) they will usually respond. There are some situations that we will recommend you see a specialist acquainted with your specific problem.


Bowenwork works to correct the cause of your problem and therefore provides long term relief.

Bowenwork is extremely successful in caring for and addressing many acute (recent) and chronic (long-term) tension, pain and other conditions.

People come to Bowenwork suffering many conditions or ailments and find the solution to their health-related problems.


Mild to severe back and neck pain

Sciatica, carpal tunnel

TMJ, frozen shoulder

Sports injuries

Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia

Plantar fasciitis

Muscular and joint pain

These are just a few problems Bowenwork addresses. Helping people with these very common conditions are an everyday occurrence. After receiving a couple of sessions many of these conditions often begin to melt right before your eyes.

Bowenwork has been found to be an effective method for addressing an extensive list of wide-range conditions, disorders, and ailments in the body.

-Rid the body of energy robbing pain, tension, anxiety, and stress.

-Recent occurring problems may resolve with only 2-3 sessions, some chronic problems will require more sessions, results are usually long lasting.

-Help put the body “at rest”, to take the body naturally from protect, fight, flight, or survival mode and begin to put it into its healing mode.

-Assist in healing the body in efforts to prevent surgery – in cases where surgery can be prevented.

-Assist the brain and/or body to receive the message to “heal itself”.

-Turn on the “circuit breakers” in the body that have been turned off.

I want to help you or someone you know that has pain, stress, trauma, mobility problems and more. The process I learned and have been practicing for over 18 years is very effective.

I became aware of Bowenwork when I was 70, this was in 2000. I began attending seminars and learning the technique. In December 2001 we opened our office and began to offer the Bowenwork Technique to people in the Abilene, Texas area (myself included, it has kept me going and healthy for many years). We also stock Herbs and Supplements for your convenience.

I am now in my 80’s and see 20-30 clients a week. Most are referrals from satisfied clients. The Bowenwork Technique still amazes me, it is effective with so many different problems. I see many who have found no relief from other forms of healthcare, respond and begin to enjoy life again.

A few problems that I see frequently: Pain of all kinds the most prevalent Back, Neck, Sciatic, Shoulder, wrist, elbow and joint pain. Other things I see less frequently Trauma, Migraines, TMJ, Carpal Tunnel, Sinus, Digestion, Elimination, Female problems and many others, all of which usually respond with relief or improved conditions.

I envisioned when I first started Bowenwork that we would have a Hub of Bowenwork activity here in Abilene, Texas and now Bowenwork is expanding all over the world, here in Abilene, TX we have opened the Bowtech Health Center (Bowtech is the registered name in Australia and Bowenwork is registered in the USA). Lisa Rhodes, my associate, is now an instructor for the American Bowen Academy and is training more people to do this technique to fulfill the needs of the Big Country and beyond.

For more information about Bowenwork you can search the internet or and search for Bowenwork. Call me for a free consultation, or more information. I will take the time to listen and explain how what we do can or cannot work for your situation. You can call and set up an appointment or we can discuss it on the phone.

Neil Hall is a Professional Bowenwork Practioner since 2001 with Bowtech Health Center located at 1150 Estates Dr. Abilene, TX on northside of building. Phone 325-676-9227 ext. 2.

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