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Alternative Health – What does it offer you?

By Neil Hall



For some it is a way of life.Others mix it with Medical etc. this is called complementary or in addition to.Some simply push it aside as a fad or quackery.All of the above have some measure of truth in them, all walks of life have good and bad. For this article let us look at some of the good that alternative and complementary health offers each of us. Each of us as an individual is going to have individual needs that require individual solutions.{{more}}We can look back a few years and notice that those who were in the alternative health field were advocating lifestyle changes that have become common in some situations. Example, heart attack victims are now normally given a healthy diet and moderate exercise to help their bodies strengthen and become healthier which in many cases if followed before the heart attack, many could have been avoided. Most medical doctors now check for Vitamin D deficiency as they have found that many need supplementation of this Vitamin. Many more could be mentioned and as time continues you will see more and more ways that each of us as individuals can improve our health. This will not remove the need for Doctors and Hospitals but should reduce their load and improve our health.There is now a group of Practitioners in the healthcare industry training as Functional Medicine Practitioners, these Practitioners attempt to help patients overcome their problems with lifestyle changes and natural remedies before adding medications. They have realized going this route provides more solutions to our problems rather than treating the symptoms, they are attempting to treat the cause and remove the symptoms for a long term be-well basis. I would encourage some of our Practitioners to go to and learn more about this approach. There are quite a few Practitioners in Texas that are listed on this website but I hate to admit there are none listed in Abilene, Texas. I would encourage our Professional Practitioners to check out this website it offers a way to get well from problems that we normally accept as no solution problems such as Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar, ADHD, Heart disease, Anxiety and many others. Dr Abram Hoffer deceased has some videos that reveal that he has helped many in these situations become well and function as Doctors, Educators etc. He makes the statement that our Healthcare system needs fixing and offers some solutions that are very interesting.We do have access here in Abilene to many forms of Alternative or Complementary healthcare, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Naturopath, Herbalist, Massage, The Bowen Technique and others. Health foods, herbs, vitamins and supplements are becoming more available all the time. If you desire to live healthy there are many who are willing to help or direct you in this worthy endeavor.

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