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By Floyd Miller



Abilene, TX- Alliance for Women & Children is partnering with 64 local merchants to offer discounts and special offers, averaging 20% on each purchase from Friday, October 24 through Sunday, November 2. The card is available to local shoppers for $40 and 100% of the proceeds benefit Alliance for Women & Children. “We have modeled this program after programs in Dallas and across the country. We are pleased to offer such a unique opportunity to Abilene,” said executive director, Kristina Jones. “It’s really a win-win situation for everyone; stimulate the local economy while supporting women and children”The timing is scheduled so the discount card may be used for early Christmas shopping. “There is nothing better than saving money and enhancing our community,” said Melody Hunt, chair of the A-Card project. “Our initial roll-out has been very well received and we are very pleased with the results thus far from our inaugural year.” -more-The A-Card has something to offer that can benefit everyone. Merchants include apparel and accessories, furniture, pest control, custom framing, restaurants, and everything in-between. Cards may be obtained by visiting, or may be purchased at one of the participating merchants. For more information, call 677-5321.Funds raised by the A-Card will be used to enrich the community through Alliance for Women & Children’s After-School Care, A-Teens for middle-school girls, Women’s Health Awareness, and Women’s Economic Empowerment programs. Alliance for Women & Children, a non-profit organization, empowers women and families and embraces ethnic diversity through programs such as After-School Care, A-Teens for Teen Girls, and Women’s Health Awareness to promote well being, self-sufficiency, and future success. Located at 1350 N. 10th, the Alliance has been serving the Abilene community since 1920.

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