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By Floyd Miller



Abilene, Texas – Alliance for Women & Children A-Teens program for teen girls will be hosting four camps and three day camps this summer. All girls entering sixth through ninth grades are invited to participate in this year’s summer programs. The camps are priced no more than $35 with financial assistance available, and are filled with a wide-range of activities designed to build confident young women while having fun. Activities will include meeting elected female officials, visiting the Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco, working with local artists, meeting Olympic athletes, taking acting lessons, and much more. “Being in middle school {{more}} is one of the most difficult times for girls. The A-Teens’ summer programs provide a great opportunity for girls to grow and develop in a safe and fun environment,” says Fawn Grissett, Alliance for Women & Children A-Teens Program Director.Spend the summer with A-Teens by choosing a summer program made just for girls:• “Explore Your World” Camp, June 3-19 • Art Camp, June 23-27• “Yabbers” 8th Grade Camp, June 30-July 1• “Rule Your World” Camp, July 8-July 24, • “Fun Camp”, July 29-August 27• Red Cross Babysitting Course, June 13 and July 18• Internet Safety Course, July 11“We are dedicated to molding girls into successful young women, and the A-Teens summer — more –camps allows us to impact these girls to explore and rule their worlds today and in the future,” says Kristina Jones, Executive Director of Alliance for Women & Children.Alliance for Women & Children A-Teens is a program designed to encourage middle-school girls to gain self-confidence and promote personal growth. To learn more about the A-Teens program and to register for summer camps, call Fawn Grissett at -677-5321 or visit

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