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Air Force Master Sergeant Victorian Happily Awaits New Beginnings with Family After Recent Retirement

By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd



Making geographical moves sometimes involves matters of the heart, and for some families, love is not always where the heart is…but where the Air Force leads you. The decorative wooden plaque that hangs outside the house of the Victorian family gives the chronological order of their adventures before coming to Abilene. When the family reaches their final destination, the new addition to the plaque will remind them of their journey while in the Air Force. {{more}} Master Sergeant Eddie Victorian, 40, accepted a medal at a retirement ceremony last Thursday at Dyess Air Force Base for having served the military twenty-one years. He adds the medal to his shadowbox collection that he calls El Victorian. His position while stationed in Abilene has been Superintendent of Weapons & Tactics. He feels good about his retirement. “I am ready. We are in a new phase in our lives, each one of us. It is sad in a way, but it is exciting. I have been preparing for eight years. When it came time to make a decision, I knew I had to have my family support.” He said. “You have to prepare to retire. It is not an option whether you want to stay in or get out.” When stepping into the dark southwest hues of the living room and witnessing all the framed photos of family members that are lined up on the mantle it contagiously spreads a feeling of an aura of love in the air. The family support that Victorian mentions stands on a spiritual foundation because he plays roles of a Godly husband, father, and an ordained Associate Minister at Shiloh Church while he continues to lead his family through their journey in life. Victorian and his wife, LaShawn, 38, have two daughters, Adrianne, 17, and Rachel, 16. Accomplishing academic and career goals is also very important. Victorian completed his B.B.S. in Sociology from the American Military University in Virginia in 2009. He also lacks a few hours to complete his MA in Human Resources from Villanova College in Pennsylvania. Why did he choose to move to Abilene? “I wanted my children to go to the same middle school and wanted my wife to get her career going.” He said. “When I was in school, I could not have done it without him. He cooked and took care of our daughters while I was gone.” said LaShawn. She completed her Regional Nursing degree in 2009 from McMurry University in Abilene, TX, and is employed at Abilene Regional Hospital. “What worked for us is having God, because that is where we draw our strength, and then spending time with our family. My husband and I rotate spending one-on-one time with our daughters along with communication and education.” LaShawn said.

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