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ACU students create art inspired by study in Europe

By Floyd Miller



This summer, Abilene Christian University students had the opportunity to create art in some of the most beautiful places in Europe. Now their drawings and paintings from that experience are on display in the downtown ACU-Cockerell Art Gallery. The show, entitled Passage to Europe, will be displayed through Nov. 1. {{more}} During May and June, students from the Department of Art and Design toured Oxford and Florence with Dan McGregor, assistant professor of art and design and Jack Maxwell, chair of the department at ACU. All artwork from Passage to Europe was created on-location in some of the most famous places in Europe. “The art show has a ‘vintage travel’ theme, with all work framed in a style reminiscent of Europe’s great museums,” said McGregor. “When I look at this work, I can remember exactly where I was, what the weather was like, and how I felt. I got to paint using water from a river in Oxford, a canal in Venice, and a waterfall in the Alps. These types of experiences can never be replicated in the studio.”Students echoed McGregor’s thoughts. “Painting in places like Florence was an amazing experience, not only because of the beauty of Italy, but also because of the history that went with it all,” said Annika Ringle, sophomore art major from Springdale, Ark. “Knowing that it was the city where many of the great Renaissance masters worked and lived was very inspiring.”Photographs from the trip are currently on display at the Shore Art Gallery. That show, entitled Continental Visions: Artists Photograph Europe, will run through Nov. 14.”I got to see tons of artwork this summer from different times, made through different methods and done in different styles,” said Bonni Wattigney, sophomore graphic design major from Keller. “It was cool to see all the different types of work considered museum-worthy in the 15 or so museums that I got to visit while I was there. It definitely gave me some new insights and beautiful photographs that I would have never been able to get anywhere else.””If Abilene art patrons see no other ACU art shows this year, these are the ones to see,” said McGregor. “We feel they’re great windows into a European experience.”The ACU-Cockerell Art Gallery is located at 1133 N. Second Street and the Shore Art Gallery is located on the ACU campus. Both galleries are open Monday through Friday.

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