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ACU students and faculty test firefighters in Human Performance Lab

By Lynne Bruton - director of public relations Abilene Christian University



Dr. Joe Bell, associate professor of exercise science and health and the director of ACU’s Human Performance Lab , recently assisted in the physical fitness testing of members from the Abilene Fire Department. Bell, together with 20 of his students, tested 179 firefighters as part of their annual fitness training. “This cooperative effort with the Abilene Fire Department is an important service for both the firefighters and our students,” said Bell. ” Abilene firefighters are required to undergo annual fitness testing, and we tested them for body composition, lung capacity, flexibility, grip strength and cardiovascular fitness. This was a great experience for our students.”Although this is the first year ACU has been involved in this testing, Bell said he plans to continue this service annually.The Human Performance Lab at ACU has the capacity to test most aspects of human physical fitness. Exercise science majors use the lab as they learn a variety of exercise testing protocols such as treadmill testing and hydrostatic weighing.

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