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ACU receives funds from ExxonMobil gift-matching program

By Anynmous



Abilene Christian University has again benefitted from a program created by ExxonMobil Foundation which supports higher education by matching donations made by ExxonMobil employees to a college or university. On May 8, Mr. Walter Buchholtz, public affairs manager of ExxonMobil Foundation, delivered the gift check of $139,380 to Dr. Royce Money, ACU president. {{more}}The matching program allows the gifts of ExxonMobil employees, retirees and surviving spouses throughout the year to be matched 3-to-1 and donated in one grant check each year. ACU is one of 900 participating colleges and universities. “The ExxonMobil foundation has one of the most generous matching gift programs in the country,” said Dr. John Tyson, ACU vice president for development. “We are very grateful for that generosity, and for the ExxonMobil employees and retirees who take advantage of the program to bless our students. These funds provide a wide variety of enhancements to programs all over campus that serve our students.” In hopes of improving national math and science education, ExxonMobil recommends that a portion of the money be allotted for developing programs that provide math and science teachers with professional development and attract more students to math and science programs. ExxonMobil is just one of several companies that aid ACU in maintaining its standards of excellence. ACU uses these funds to further develop academics, Christian service and athletics on campus. The university has been partnering with the ExxonMobil Foundation through this program since 1966. To find out if your company has a similar gift-matching program, visit

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