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ACU professor elected executive secretary of CCTE

By Will Moore Media Relations Dept. ACU



Dr. Chris Willerton was elected executive secretary of the Conference of College Teachers of English on March 12 at its annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Willerton is a professor of English and honors studies in the ACU Honors College.{{more}} CCTE is a statewide organization of English teachers in Texas higher education institutions. The conference exists to improve teaching and to advance research in literature and the English language. The members of the CCTE meet in San Antonio each spring. As the executive secretary, Willerton maintains membership rolls, issues the call for papers for the annual conference, serves as treasurer, and assists the president and executive council in conducting the business of the organization. He succeeds Dr. Susan Blassingame, professor of English at Lubbock Christian University. “I’ve known Chris for many years, and I’m pleased he has been elected to serve in this important post,” says Dr. Blassingame. “He is known as a gentleman and a scholar.” Willerton started as an instructor at ACU in 1970 and has taught at the university for 36 years. He was founding director of the ACU Honors Program from 1984-2009, and then served as dean during its transition to the Honors College. Dr. Willerton earned his bachelor’s degree from Texas Christian University and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He and his wife, Sharon, have three children: Dr. Russell Willerton , Dr. Elaine Willerton , and Evan Willerton .

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