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ACU professor chosen for exclusive learning opportunity

By Floyd Miller



Dr. Rhonda Collier, assistant professor of English at Abilene Christian University, has been selected from a national applicant pool to attend one of 17 summer study opportunities supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities. {{more}}The National Endowment is a federal agency that supports seminars and institutes at colleges and universities each summer so teachers can work in collaboration and study with experts in humanities disciplines.Collier will participate in an institute titled “The Literature of Equatorial Guinea: A Pedagogical Approach.” The five-week program will be hosted by Howard University, Washington, DC, and directed by Professors James J. Davis and Marvin A. Lewis. The 22 professors selected to participate in the program each receive a stipend of $3,600 to cover their travel, study and living expenses. The approximately 375 teachers who participate in these studies will teach more than 50,000 students the following year.Topics for the 17 seminars and institutes offered for college and university teachers this summer include narrative theory; works by Homer, Shakespeare, and Yeats; the literature of Equatorial Guinea; Russian and Soviet visual culture; Confucianism and virtue ethics; the Holy Land in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; St. Francis of Assisi; the medieval Mediterranean; Jewish culture in Venice; the United States in global perspective; the American civil rights movement; and the cultures of India, ancient Rome, the Andes, and Appalachia.

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