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ACU honors students with awards during December commencement

By Floyd Miller



On Friday, Dec. 14, 235 students walked across the Moody Coliseum stage to receive diplomas at Abilene Christian University’s December commencement. Of these 235 students, 17 were honored with prestigious awards during the ceremony.Five students received {{more}} the LeMoine G. Lewis Alpha Chi Award, named for Dr. LeMoine Lewis, long-time ACU professor and Alpha Chi sponsor. The award was presented to those students who had achieved the highest grade point averages during their university career. These students included: Heather Kay Alkire, an elementary education major from Abilene, who graduated with a 4.0 GPA, Lacey June Blau, a business management major from Menard, Texas who graduated with a 4.0 GPA, Sara A. Epperly, a psychology major from Wichita, Kan. who graduated with a 4.0 GPA, Amy Nicole Wood, a biochemistry major from Seminole, Texas who graduated with a 4.0 GPA, and Carissa Lynn Martus, a music education major from Aloha, Ore. who graduated with a 3.98 GPA.Four graduates received the Dean Adams Achievement Award, given based on character, scholastic achievement, cultural growth and development and overcoming obstacles that might have prevented the student from graduating. These students were: Tommika Baldwin, an applied studies major from Los Angeles, Calif.,Denise A. Guidera, an applied studies major from Abilene, Jacklyn Renee Hughes, an electronic media major from Lansing, Mich., and Isaac David Vasquez, an art major from Houston.The B. Sherrod Award was awarded to one student based on academic excellence and overall contribution to the university. The recipient, Ernesto Villareal, was an interdisciplinary studies major from Brownsville. Students presented with the Alumni Association’s Purple and White awards, given to students who exemplify honesty, integrity, service and dependability, were Cathryn Coupe, a communication major from Nevada City, Calif., and Sharon Vance, a theatre major from McKinney. Finally, this year’s Honor Man and Honor Woman awards were given to students who exhibited character and scholarship throughout their university career. The two students recognized as examples of the ideal student were Samuel Thomas Selby, a biology major from Abilene, and Cristina Del Pinal, a business management major from Fort Worth.

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