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ACU computer science students participate in conference at Midwestern

By Lynne Bruton - director of public relations Abilene Christian University



Earlier this month, three teams of ACU senior computer science students participated in the 12th Annual North Texas Area Student Conference at Midwestern University. The theme of the conference was “Technology & Innovation: The Keys to Progress,” with {{more}} Dr. Paulus Micikevicius from NVidia Corporation as the keynote speaker. The conference included presentations by student teams from ACU, Midwestern, and the University of North Texas. “In my personal opinion, we had some of the best talks there,” said Tim Coburn, professor of Statistics at ACU. “This was really an undergraduate applied research conference where students present their work. What we are trying to do is ‘push the envelope’ a bit on getting our students out there to be involved with students from other universities.”The three presentations by ACU students were: “TeacherHubs—A Web-Based Collaboration and Organizational Tool for Educators,” presented by Chad Hutchins, Jonathan Hinson and Drew McDonough; “On a Graph-Theoretic Control Algorithm for a Proof-of-Concept Prototype Multiplayer Immersive Learning Simulation,” presented by Jonathan Swinney, Arisoa Randrianasolo, Eddy Borera, Ando Randrianarisoa and John Rasolofonirina; and “Investigating the Status of the IT Industry in Abilene to Respond to the Re-Invent Abilene Initiative,” presented by Jonathan Gray, Dwight Phillips and Joseph Wallace.

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