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ACU climbers take on Mount Ararat

By Floyd Miller



Five Abilene Christian University alumni and one incoming freshman have just ascended Turkey’s highest mountain, Mt. Ararat, reaching the peak on June 20. {{more}}Dr. Neal Coates , associate professor of political science at ACU, led a group consisting of Cam Hurst of Abilene, Dr. David Broom of Abilene, Andrew and Katie Brinley of Montgomery, Ala., and Rebekah Coates, daughter of Neal and member of the class of 2012. The group was on the mountain June 18-22.”It was a great climb, very rewarding physically and spiritually,” said Coates. “All of us benefited from our time on the mountain and in northeastern Turkey.”Ararat is a snow-capped peak in the northeast corner of Turkey, 10 miles west of Iran and 20 miles south of Armenia. It is 16,854 feet in elevation. The Turkish government requires a climbing permit and use of a certified Turkish guide company. The mountain is in the region where Noah’s Ark is believed to have landed, according to Book of Genesis.”Seeing a sheep slaughtered by Kurdish shepherds on the slopes of Mt. Ararat was a powerful reminder of Noah’s sacrifice of gratitude and the importance of blood as a redemptive life force,” said Broom.Hurst, Broom, Coates and his daughter then traveled to Mumena, Zambia, to participate in a medical mission sponsored by the Hillcrest Church of Christ in Abilene, to serve approximately 2,300 members of the Kaonde Tribe.

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