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ACU board appoints 15 to Presidential Search Committee

By Lynne Bruton - director of public relations Abilene Christian University



After soliciting nominations from several stakeholder groups, the Purpose Committee of the Board of Trustees nominated 15 people to serve on the Presidential Search Committee. Those nominations were approved by the full board, and the group will meet for the first time on August 20.Committee members are•Dr. Billy Curl •Dr. Colleen Durrington •Berto Guerra •Janice Massey, M.D. •James M. Orr, J.D. •Dr. Barry Packer •Don Crisp – Chair of the Presidential Search Committee •Gary Thornton, J.D. •Dr. Jeff Childers •Dr. Tracy Shilcutt •Dr. Rusty Towell •Bart Herridge •Craig Fisher •Charles Gaines •Dr. Gary McCaleb The total number of voting members will be 15. Dr. Charles Siburt, ACU’s vice president for church relations, and C.E. “Doc” Cornutt, chair of the Board of Trustees, will serve as ex-officio members.Dr. Bill Franklin, senior consultant with Academic Search, Inc., will be assisting ACU in its presidential search. Meetings with various university constituencies will take place August 19-21 to gather input and encourage involvement from ACU employees, students and alumni. Franklin will engage participants in conversation about the future of ACU, the major agenda for the university’s next president, and the qualities and qualifications needed in that president. The schedule for these interviews will be posted on a Web site dedicated to the presidential search: In addition, an online survey will be conducted of major constituent groups, including students, faculty, staff and alumni. “One of the board’s top priorities during this search is to engage the ACU community and give constituents a voice in these discussions,” said Don Crisp, chair of the search committee. “We hope students, faculty, staff and alumni will engage in this process both through the survey, as well as the constituency group interviews in August.”

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