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ACU appoints first faculty-in-residence

By Floyd Miller



ACU appoints first faculty-in-residence to advance 21st Century Vision {{more}}The Abilene Christian University Provost Office, in conjunction with the Adams Center for Teaching and Learning, has named three faculty-in-residence for the 2008-09 school year. These three faculty members will lead the first of ACU’s 21st century initiatives. “Having faculty of this caliber leading initiatives in the Adams Center is energizing,” said George Saltsman, director of the Adams Center for Teaching and Learning. “Each of these faculty members brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with them that will transform teaching and learning throughout the university.” Dr. Jack Reese, dean of the College of Biblical Studies, will serve as Faculty-in-Residence and director of the Missional University Project. His project will equip and educate ACU faculty with methodologies and tools that ultimately enable ACU students to lead missional lives. Dr. Bill Rankin, associate professor of English, and Dr. Kyle Dickson, associate professor of English, will both serve as Faculty-in-Residence and co-directors of the Engaged Learning Project, which will help faculty engage students in 21st century learning opportunities by leveraging ACU’s Mobile Learning Initiative.”The ACU 21st Century Vision challenges us to produce students who think critically, globally and missionally,” said Saltsman. “I feel confident that these faculty-in-residence will provide outstanding faculty enrichment projects that will do just that. I look forward to an exciting and enriching academic year under the leadership of these remarkable faculty-in-residence.”

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