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ACU alumnus and local business owner to appear on The Antiques Roadshow

By Anynmous



Tom Craig Tom Craig, ACU alumnus, current director of student productions at ACU, and owner of The Antique Station, is scheduled to appear in one of three upcoming episodes of the PBS hit, The Antiques Roadshow. Craig will appear with his father’s pub clock Jan. 26, Feb. 2 or Feb. 9. {{more}} Craig and his father-in-law, Sam Bolin, attended the Dallas Roadshow after Bolin gained tickets through a Roadshow drawing. With each ticket, guests were allowed to take two items for appraisal. While the majority of appraisals at each event are never filmed for broadcast, if the appraiser thinks an item is unique enough and has a good story to complement it, the appraiser pitches the idea to a producer. That’s what happened in Craig’s case. Craig took a weight-driven wall clock that belonged to his father for an appraisal. When the appraiser first saw the pub clock, he said, “One moment,” and immediately made a phone call. After hearing the family history of the clock, the appraiser asked if Craig would consider being taped for television. The answer was simple – “Sure – isn’t that the hope of all who go to a Roadshow event?” said Craig. According to Craig, the pub clock is different from other clocks because the striking mechanism has been removed so the clock doesn’t chime in the pub, reminding patrons that it might be time to go home. The appraiser liked Craig’s story, pitched it to the producer, and was asked to be on the show. After some make-up and staging, the appraisal was filmed. Craig will appear on one of three upcoming episodes that were filmed in Dallas. Each Roadshow event nets three TV episodes. Craig and family members own The Antique Station located in downtown Abilene. While having the ability to estimate the value of almost any item, the pub clock was one that had a question mark, said Craig. “I had an idea what it could be worth, but there are some items that have certain unknown variables,” he said. “For me, this clock was worth getting a clock expert’s opinion.” As for the value of the clock and the outcome, viewers will have to wait and see Craig’s interview on The Antiques Roadshow, which airs on PBS Mondays at 7 p.m. and re-airs Saturdays at 1 p.m.

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