Actions Speak

By Robert Lilly | March 1, 2012

There is something in the air, and I am not talking about the bug going around this winter. What I am sensing is a newspirit of rebellion, an uprising bubbling in the hearts of the people, thecommon folk. Everywhere I go I seem to locate these unnamed and unclaimeddissatisfied individuals. Perhaps we are on the verge of a spiritual coup d’état. Possibly, thepeople have had enough of the lies, and political deception from those whoclaim to have their best interest at heart.             It may be my imagination, I hopenot. I pray that what I am interpreting from my conversations is real. I wantit to be real. I yearn for something to happen that will upset the status quo.Do you know what that means? Status quo is the existing state of affairs,especially regarding social and political issues, I would like to addspiritual. If you are honest and look closely at all three areas you would seehow the poor and unorganized are getting the shaft. {{more}}             Policies crafted take more than theygive; the job market dwindling; paychecks are shrinking, and bills areincreasing. Housing costs have grown, hidden fees tax the poor and thestructures that we live in are in disrepair in even more destitute and blightedneighborhoods. Clergy and minister alike hide within their ‘sanctuaries’sticking out their necks only when someone very close to them is at risk or itserves their vaunted interests.             Among those above listed are some whohave a vested interest in maintaining the current conditions, in other wordsthey have a stake in seeing things remain the same. “Why”, you may ask? Goodquestion. I assert that it is plausible to see some wanting the wealth,influence and the means of generating both to stay centralized in the hands ofthose few who currently possess them both. Commonsense demands that we seethose few persons at the top wanting to stay there and pass that affluence andinfluence on to their children. They, therefore can determine who gets the‘good’ jobs downtown, who will become our next generation’s educators, who willwield the gavel of justice in our courts, who will police our streets, and whowill be authorized to interpret the very word of God.             It is of little concern to them thatthe majority of us at the middle and the bottom are tempest tossed by theuncertainty of these times. Furthermore, it is not a far stretch to imagine thepowerful and affluent among us seeking to keep us weak and disempowered, atworse, and at least doing little to nothing to see that a new consciousnessshould arise among or within us.             So what is there left for us to door expect? For some of us the options are few; we could throw up our hands andadmit defeat, go along with the program and complain very little. Or we couldresist this arrangement, but how? The how is multi-varied depending on whereone stands in relationship to the problem. Some have the recourse to addresspower face-to-face; others know not where to lodge their grievances. Which oneare you? If you are educated and in possession of some means you may decide thevote is the best recourse, however, what if you are poor and uninformed aboutthe issues at question? In that case someone will need to lead. Who are theleaders for this band of ignorant masses? Will it be our politicians, who servethe active voting constituency? Will it be the well-to-do who live in isolationfrom the despair of the hobbled and hungry; what about the sanctified who fearbeing despoiled by the lives of the un-churched?             None of these seems a likelycandidate and thus explains the disappointments and growing discontent Iperceive. “Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action,” said Walter Anderson.I am not afraid to give this mass a voice. Somebody has to say aloud-you count!You matter! You are important! Your pain is real! You deserve better! I onlywish there were a movement so that the chorus of the brave few could actuallyget heard above the clamoring shouts of the great many who say “you are such aworthless people, go to hell!” Don’t tell me you don’t ‘hear’ it, just lookaround; actions speak louder than words.