Accustoming to Changes in Society

By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd - Hardin Simmons Alumna | October 1, 2013

Staying up with the beat and the trends of today can be very difficult for those people who stay busy. The styles and fashion seems to go back and forth. It is not just the teenagers in school who want to be in the same fashion as everyone else, and to just fit in. Changes in society do not just include fashion, but freedom to be oneself seems to be more in style in our country today. Young students in school today are researching and debating about new issues, like gay marriages, which continue to be in the spotlight after being passed in different states. Abortion also continues to be a controversial issue which goes back to the Roe vs. Wade case, and the US is not the only country that is still dealing with the lengthy debate.In the seventies, I remember in my seventh grade speech class, we had a debate about whether to legalize marijuana or not. As I drove down a local street, I noticed one of the many billboards advertising fake marijuana. For a minute, I thought to myself, and wondered if the ones in higher office are using the marijuana that was just legalized for medical purposes. As crazy as it might sound, and scary, if we have people in office smoking it, how will it affect our society? {{more}}We already have had Syrian terrorists hacking the United States websites. That is where the question comes in as to whether we have tight enough security or not in our homeland. We sure cannot afford to have our leaders getting high on legalized marijuana or focusing on other unimportant things, while threats to our country are sneaking in the door at a high rate. It is better for our country leaders to be totally focused on what is going on here at home, and also internationally. Life is too short to be celebrating the passage of new laws, while the enemy continues to keep track of USA affairs and also any of our countries weaknesses they might use to their advantage.We continue to keep up with President Barack Obama´s speeches, and what Congress end result has been on whether to include our country to help Syria, after chemical gases used by terrorists that killed an enormous number of people in that country. Videos have been televised of the awful murders of the children, and how some are slowly dying after the terrorist rebel attacks. In the meantime, everyone has been giving their opinions on whether our country should help Syria, and, if President Obama could make a decision on his own if Congress would say no. The pressure has been on in the White House for this tremendous issue at hand. Is it our responsibility to save the other countries, when there needs to be lots of saving right here in our own country? There is nothing wrong with going on world missions to feed the hungry children, and our country has been doing that through fundraisers and volunteers. International breaking of a law, that says no chemical gases are allowed as weapons for war, is what has been the concern. Can our military government put a total stop to the forces that are coming against other countries? Will war continue to escalate, and what is our role as citizens as these critical decisions are being made? It is important that we all stick together as a united country to accept change as it comes, and do what is right in this world. Many of us have family members who are fighting and stationed in other countries. Let us remember what our country stands for, and not try to focus so much on changing the constitution so rapidly. Being responsible for who we are as followers of what is right in our country can be a start.