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By David Dean



LUBBOCK, TX— The Museum of Texas Tech University is please to announce the exhibition, Accelerate: A Juried Exhibition of Emerging Artists with Disabilities, opening June 6, and extending through September 12, 2010, in the Museum’s Gallery 2 located at 3301 4th Street , where admission and parking are free.Every artist faces a blank page, canvas, or space with open possibilities. Starting from zero, ideas take shape, momentum builds, creativity gathers speed, and a new work of art is created. Once the basic elements of line, composition, form, and color are practiced and studied, artists search for motivation that will sustain their artistic pursuits. Where does this spark of creativity come from? What sets the momentum in motion and fuels the imagination?{{more}}This exhibition features the many personal reasons that accelerate the desire to create: to better understand, to investigate and discover, to escape, to hone attention and skill, to reflect on memory, or to express emotion. The deliberate placement of paint or line, the careful assemblage of sculptural parts, and the intricate layering of animation crafts the artist’s message much like words come together to build a story through the final creation, we gain insight into the artists’ individual motivations and how the process enhances their life experiences.Marie Fuchs, Claustophobic, ©2009, oil pastel, acrylic, wax paper, assorted papers The creative process described above allows for a limitless set of possibilities. Art serves as a means of expression and a safe arena for discussion and debate. Often, the work of art replaces words and conveys emotion not readily shared through more ordinary methods. In celebrating the diversity of contributions, the exhibition encourages these artists to continue to pursue, develop, and hone their work. The satisfaction gained provides the ambition and confidence to achieve in other areas of life.Mieke Ryneal, Picasso, ©2008, oil on canvas For the eighth year, VSA arts and Volkswagen Group of America, Inc., have collaborated to recognize and highlight emerging artists with disabilities, ages 16 25, who are living in the USA. This collaboration supports these artists at a critical time when many are deciding whether to pursue the arts as a career. The award validates and helps finance that life defining choice.VSA arts sent more than 20,000 calls for entry to high schools and colleges around the country, inviting submissions that illustrate the theme “Accelerate.” Niamh Butler, Satori, ©2008, oil on panel Participants were asked to consider the source of their artistic motivations and were encouraged to contemplate the relationship between life, art, and disability selected from 236 submissions. These 15 recipients were awarded a total of $6o,ooo generously provided by Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. Visit the exhibition online at request special assistance when visiting the Museum or schedule tours, contact the Museum Education office at, or call 742-2432. Stay up to date with MoTTU exhibitions and events at additional information about VSA or the exhibition, contact:Jennifer Wexler, Visual Arts ManagerVSA – The International Organization on Arts and Disability818 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 600Washington, DC 20006TEL: 202.628.2800; FAX: 202.429.0868; TTY: 202.737.0645 Email: JCWexler@vsarts.orgWebsite:

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