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Abilene Police Officer’s Association Endorses Williams

By Floyd Miller



In October of 2007, the membership of the Abilene Police Officer’s Association voted to create a political action committee. After several months of research and groundwork, the Abilene Police Officer’s Association Political Action Committee was formally created on March 28th, 2008. All necessary paperwork has been filed with the Texas Ethics Commission. The APOA PAC was created to promote the interests of it’s members through campaign endorsements and donations. Our eventual #M: Read More ## goal is to have the capability to sponsor debates and forums for candidates. The membership of the APOA PAC is comprised of dues paying members of the Abilene Police Officer’s Association. The APOA PAC is also very pleased to announce it’s first endorsement, Councilman Anthony Williams. Through his tenure as a city councilman, Councilman Williams has time and again proven his dedication to the citizens of Abilene and the first responders who serve them. He has a proven voting record and a reputation as a fair and honest public servant. The APOA PAC is pleased to endorse him for city council and we look forward to working with him in the future. Any questions regarding the formation of the APOA PAC or the endorsement of Councilman Anthony Williams should be directed to Lynn Beard, APOA PAC Chairman at 325-669-5925.

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