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Abilene Philharmonic Opening Gala

By Joe Starkey



Kristen Short Bennett returned home to perform for the Philharmonic’s Opening Gala. She performed a wide range of pieces from Mozart and Puccini to modern pieces from Gershwin and “Can’t help Lovin’ that Man” from “Showboat”. She was superbly accompanied on piano by Conductor David Itkin. It should be noted that neither the frequent lightning and thunder nor the roar of the down pouring rain made either falter in the slightest.{{more}}Kristen is a Cooper High Graduate and has performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, the Opera in the Ozarks Young Artist Program and Fort Worth’s Bass Hall. She is currently a landman for an oil and gas company in Fort Worth as well as a private voice teacher.The evening was concluded by a last person standing drawing for three prizes. You could buy a card from a special deck for a $50.00 contribution to the Philharmonic. You then stood up until your card was drawn and then had to sit down. The last three people standing received the prizes. Third place was a gift card from Pinkys. Second was a set of Chrystal. First place was a wine rack with over $1000.00 worth of fine wines also donated by Pinkys. Mrs. Molly Cline was last person standing and went home with the wine.An outstanding evening was enjoyed along with an excellent meal catered by MCM Elegante Suites. We look forward to the full season of the Philharmonic. Tickets are available at 325-677-6710 or 1-800-460-0610 or go online to

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