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Abilene High Students Protest Threatened Expulsion Of Illegal Immigrants

By Joe Starkey



A little after 2 PM on a hot, sunny Friday afternoon, approximately 30 Abilene High School students walked into {{more}} Arthur Sears Park to continue a protest that started at 11:30 that morning at the High School. Demonstrating on school grounds against the threatened expulsion of illegal immigrants, they were informed they could be arrested if they continued to disrupt the school. They also tried one of the middle schools before heading to a public place where they could gather and seek to be heard. The protest began, according to some, when Sergio Gallegos whose personal experience as the son of an illegal immigrant who gained citizenship after serving 20 years in the Army started defending the Mexicans who came here to work, even if they came illegally. Informed by a TV reporter that the school system intended to take action against all of the students who left school, Sergio replied that it was “Cause and Effect. We have a Cause and are willing to take the Effects of our actions.” The students were mad because all of the news reports seemed to center on deporting eleven million Mexicans who have jobs in the United States and there was no big push against the other races of illegal immigrants. The students stated they had walked from Abilene High School seeking a public place where they could stay “Until we are heard.” The students proved to be serious about staying as they arrived at the park shortly after 2 PM and were still there when this reporter went back for additional images and information at 7 PM and most were seen talking to another TV reporter at 10:30 PM DeleteReplyForwardSpamMove…

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