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Abilene High Homecoming

By Joe Starkey



63-0 is a nice homecoming. Not so great for the visiting team but wonderful for the home crowd. It could have been said that this was the Sims and Sims show as cousins Ronnel and Herschel provided lots of fireworks and excitement. Ronnel is the quarterback and has both a good arm and fast legs. Herschel is a very fast receiver. You’d almost think these guys grew up together with a football.{{more}}Actually the entire Abilene High Team is special. You have to have a great line to protect the quarterback giving time to pass or create lanes for the running backs to scamper thru. There are only a few photos of the runners with this article but it seemed that different ones kept coming thru the line or around the end every series. I hope the editor puts in the image of the defense as they were spectacular the entire game. They played in the opposing team’s backfield almost as much as it’s quarterback did.Four football players and one band section leader as candidates for King. The football players never stood a chance. Their votes were divided and the band ALWAYS stands together.Five lovely ladies and I’m so glad that I didn’t have to choose between them for Queen. Congratulations to Ms. Walker.

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