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Abilene dinner table

By Joe Starkey



Abilene dinner table for us took place at the Southern Hills church of Christ. Van and Susan Conwell were our table hosts . {{more}} The other guests at our table were Mr. and Mrs. Ted Presley and his mother, JuneThe table discussed lack of communication in Abilene – lots going on but there’s not a system to reach most of the people Many things are publicized using only one channel – ie paper only and not radio/tvLast year’s tables were noted as being more culturally diverse but basically people from local towns while this year’s table was more diverse in life experience: Pastor, missionary and retired military.There were five tables sponsored by the Church with one that was the teenagers that came with parents. They appeared to be having the most fun while the adults seemed to be dealing with heavy issues or just getting to know each other “where are you from, what do you do, and why Abilene?”Set aside the time next year and come meet your neighbors over a good meal.

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