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Abilene Adopts Wild Horses and Burros

By Joe Starkey



August 10th and 11th saw many families and individuals from Abilene and the surrounding areas come to admire and in many cases, pay to adopt wild horses from herds in Wyoming, Arizona and Oklahoma. The Frohn family {{more}} from Hawley had wanted a wild horse for three years since they visited a previous adoption show. They picked one out and were one of the fortunate bidders that got the horse they wanted for the minimum bid of $125.00.Debbie Weatherby of Abilene already owns two previously wild horses and bid $170.00 before getting the “only horse in the bunch I wanted”. She stated that “I love them” and told a friend that they bond easier to their owners. She is a veterinary technician at Radford Hills Veterinary Clinic.Saturday, September 22nd thru Sunday, September 23rd will be another opportunity to adopt a wild horse. The Fort Dodge Extreme Mustang Makeover Competition & Adoption will be held in the Will Rogers Equestrian Center in Fort Worth Texas. These horses were given to 100 top trainers across the United States in June and will be competing for $25,000.00 in prize money on Saturday before being offered for adoption by oral bid. This is a wonderful opportunity to own a horse trained by one of the top horsemen and horsewomen in the US.More information can be found at

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