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A Vet Thanks Golden Corral

By Joe Starkey



From 5 PM to 9 PM on November 16th, Golden Corral fed free meals to any person who had served in our country’s armed forces. Two years ago when my wife and I walked in with our military IDs as we are both retired military and our 17 year old daughter, we showed the IDs and then I opened my wallet to pay for “the dependent” as the service calls those not actively serving. The lady at the register just asked Sarah if she went with us while we served and when Sarah answered “I had a choice???” told her that was close enough and rang up three free buffets.This year was much the same with members of the local VFW out front asking if you had served and a yes got you a badge. No proof – just your word like Texas was and will be in many cases for times to come. Both the Commander of the Post and the Treasurer were there checking on people and making sure that veterans of all wars felt comfortable.I applaud Golden Corral for this service and I thank the folks that were behind the service lines making sure the food was plentiful and much better than the Mess Halls I remember.

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