A Tribute to Dad

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By Jack Walker | July 1, 2014

A Father’s Day TributeThis article is dedicated to any son or daughter that feels the same way……. Dear Dad, I never forgot that your BIRTHDAY and Father’s Day fell on the same day this year… The text message I sent you was “short and sweet” and SAD… to me. It was SAD to me because I couldn’t afford to buy something for you or designate time out of that day to spend time with you… to express in person how grateful I am that the good Lord above blessed me with a hero like you to put up with me over this passed lifetime. Every so often nowadays, these crazy folks in West Texas publish these articles I’ve been free-lancing for the past couple years or so…. You see, everything I’ve seen and heard from you… despite what you may or may not believe… has been beyond instrumental in my life…. I’ve absorbed every morsel of GOOD that I saw from you, while harnessing the BAD you pointed out in me… I’ve harnessed it Dad, and I try the best I can to hold on to that strap…. As you know, on more than several occasions I’ve fallen…. Perhaps I should’ve made sure the harness was on tighter. As a matter of fact, rather than trying, I should’ve done…. “the best that I can”… One thing that I am aware of… whole-heartedly, Dad… is that; every time I’ve fallen, Dad…. You were and always have been there to pick me up…. dust me off…. And after a seemingly condescending or degrading lecture….. motivated me to continue. Dad, without you… I wouldn’t know that the aforementioned sentence would be a paradox if I omitted ‘seemingly’….. Dad without you I wouldn’t know how to use this computer I’m typing this very testimony with. Dad without you I don’t know where I’d be, who I’d be or how to act in several situations that have baffled me throughout this crazy beautiful journey you brought me to. A difficult journey, that seems very hard, strenuous and any other adjective that Webster came up with to describe it. And Dad, I know you’re the one that carried me to this part of the mountain, when you could’ve easily given me a slice of cardboard and sent me sliding down the smooth grassy hill…. Dad, I haven’t been the greatest son, I feel often that I’ve been a disappointment or a burden… Dad, I wish I could go back in time and make better decisions so that perhaps we might get along better today…. As a matter of fact, DAD…. I wish I could go back in time ALLTOGETHER,…. But now that I think about it, a wise man told me to never act impulsively: to think before you act and speak; to analyze every potential life-altering situation before me. So when I really think about it…. Dad… I wouldn’t risk changing time… It would be impulsive to do that…. And I’d risk the fact that you were my Father to begin with…. I love you Dad…. You’re my hero……-Jack