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By Floyd Miller



Abilene, Texas – “You are doing a great and selfless act” and “May God guide you and protect you” are just some of the messages found on bright colored paper doodled with smiley faces and hearts. These personally designed notes were created by Alliance for Women & Children A-Teens to show their appreciation to troops in Iraq. The middle school girls have paired {{more}} with Letters from Home to send notes of encouragement to deployed military personnel. Letters from Home is a nonprofit organization based in Johnsonburg, PA dedicated to sending letters, packages and “a little bit of home” to our troops. “By giving the girls an opportunity to create their own unique messages for soldiers overseas, they are able to recognize the importance of patriotism and the unselfishness of our troops,” Fawn Grissett, Alliance for Women & Children A-Teens Program Manager. Alliance for Women & Children A-Teens is a program designed to encourage middle-school aged girls to build self-confidence and personal growth. The girls participate in inter-active programs designed to promote discussion on current issues and topics young teens face today. Community service projects like Letters from Home, allow each girl to reach out to others and experience the joy of giving.“Abilene as a whole supports Dyess AFB and our troops overseas, we hope to instill this same sense of pride in our future Abilenians,” says Kristina Jones, Executive Director at Alliance for Women & Children.One card written by an A-Teen reads, “I am very proud to be protected by you. It makes me feel– more –much safer knowing you’re giving your life for girls like me!” Messages like this are what Alliance for Women & Children A-Teens program is all about, molding confident and successful young women.To learn more about Alliance for Women & Children A-Teens for teen girls contact Fawn Grissett at -677-5321.

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